5sAUTOMATE – official partner of 3D Infotech in Poland

We are very pleased to announce that 5sAUTOMATE will deliver a high quality measurement solution for industry from American company 3D Infotech.

3D Infotech has more than 20 years of experience in developing and deploying measurement solutions. The combination of advanced, but easy to use and very quick software can have huge impact on reducing control times, avoiding bottlenecks and increasing repeatability and accuracy. 3D Infotech / Streamline Software is UR+ Certified. It means that the implementation into your cobotic system is easy as programming the UR Cobot. It’s all go through the teach pendant. One tool – quick start.

The advantage of 3D Infotech is, that the platform works with a variety of laser scanners (red and blue), for measuring small parts as well as large surfaces. The bi-directional communication via HMI, SCADA or PLC is a standard.

5sAUTOMATE and 3D Infotech can help you in choosing the right solution for your purposes and parts. 3D Infotech can be faster up to 10 x than standard measurement solutions like common CMM are. Eager to know more about the future of measurement? You are just a step from automation of your control processes…

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